Created in 5 days for Itch IOs Weekly GameJam #96.

If you love the punishing reality of Desert Bus and the action-packed suspense of the movie Speed... then this is the game for you my friend?

Total playtime = < 1 minute :)


Spacebar = accelerate

Left/Right Arrows = turn

This is actually my first "published" game - I had a lot of fun and hope you get a chuckle from it! 100% solo'd.

All assets utilized are free-to-use; however, I need to put effort into crediting the fine folks who helped provide these resources! (scrambling to finish before Gamejam deadline) Will come in any future formal updates!


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 94, 95, 96 Feedback from MrJoshuaMcLean on

It was amusing, I'll give it that! I had to be "that guy" and went straight away to find out if the earth really was flat. It is! And the universe is a spinning mountain range, who knew?

haha - glad you got a little kick out of it! - thanks for checking out my work Shibey - - - - - gonna check out some of your stuff this weekend, so if you have any recommendations let me knowwwwww!

Also - Broom Zoom is super cute, nice little shooter you threw together for this one!!! :)

Thank you! I have another in the works for Thursday, but I'm running into more problems than usual this time...  -_-;

We'll see how it comes out...

Welp, I had fun. 

Thanks HC! I really liked Farmer and the Fox - especially the minimalistic art style. i haven't yet tried setting up grid-based movement like you have here, is there a simple script/link you'd recommend for me to learn? Much appreciated!

I got 64 cars! I have no idea if that's good or not, but I spent some time driving off-road to see if I could get away from the horns, haha (also I was secretly hoping there was an ending where you just idled into the sunset). I very much enjoyed your dramatic menu, but the bus exploding was probably my favorite.

HIGHEST SCORE EVERRRRR - haha. My best was only 45... you have far greater patience than myself. I'm glad you got a chuckle and I really enjoyed My Commute is Murder - super retro is my diggggg

Well, I had a chuckle (Though it was in part because you totally hid the bus exploding behind that building so it wouldn't be visible)

Once it seemed like I wasn't really going anywhere, I pretty much just floored it to my demise!

As any sane person would! Thanks for checking it out! Sidewalk Rush was a fun little prototpye - something about the car handling kept me motivated to try and squeeze through le gaps (killed a few too many pedestrians though :/